Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the full course’s curriculum?

You can request a copy on the course details page by filling out the form here:

  • Small Class sizes
  • Ongoing support
  • Continual Professional development
  • Placement opportunities available
  • Opportunity to be included in live project teams
Why should I enrol with Digital Marketing College instead of other educational institutions?

A very good question, and there are a number of reason that make us unique in the education landscape.

Digital Marketing College is a highly specialized and innovative institute that focuses on the skills you need to propel yourself into Digital Marketing instead of imprinting a general overview of the marketing industry upon you. And because the digital landscape constantly changes and updates, we ensure the content and structure of our courses consistently updated to follow market trends and updates

Digital Marketing College is also unique to their competitors as their subjects regularly including working alongside live project teams in the industry.

Finally, Digital Marketing College doesn’t forget about you once you’ve completed the course. On top of our ongoing support, Digital Marketing College will also provide continued Professional Development post graduation, and is regularly able to offer placement availabilities to its graduates.

Practical exercises

Learning by doing

Exposure to live projects

What is Digital Marketing College’s learning philosophy and what will be involved in the classes?

Digital Marketing College believes that every student has their own learning style and classes will seek to recognise and cater for all learning types.

Our courses include a combination of concepts and practical exercises which will ensure that all students are not only prepared, but also have experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

A unique aspect of our courses is that the practical exercises are real-life and involve students gaining experience while working on live projects alongside industry specialists.

Evening Classes Available

Optional entrepreneurship module to launch your venture

Two streams available based on level (beginner Beginner to Intermediate

Intermediate to Advanced)

What if I’m working and can’t make their classes?

Digital Marketing College understands that each individual that enrols within our course bring with them their own challenges, experiences, goals and as an innovative institute will do all we can to cater for these differences.

To cater for different levels of knowledge, our courses offer two streams within the curriculum:

  • Beginner to Intermediate
  • Intermediate to Advanced

For those whose ultimate goal is to begin their own organisation or business, we also offer an optional Entrepreneurship Module that will assist future entrepreneurs as they begin their own adventure’s into the worlds of business and digital marketing.

Optional entrepreneurship module to launch your venture

Two streams available based on level (beginner Beginner to Intermediate

Intermediate to Advanced)