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With businesses increasingly turning to the internet for sales and brand awareness, online marketing has become the backbone to the modern business world. The downside? Platforms, methods and techniques are changing rapidly, and it’s your job to keep up!

So, do you think you know it all? Let’s find out…

Who is it for?

Marketing assistants, marketing professionals, Marketing
Managers, and anyone who is hands-on in the digital marketing community.

Why take it?

Just like how you don’t notice when you have a hole in your pants until someone points it out, self-evaluation helps you find the gaps in your knowledge that you didn’t know were there. Oh, & did we mention it’s free?

What do I get?

The cold hard TRUTH. Don’t worry, it’s not so scary. You’ll get a performance snapshot, indicators of what level your skills are at, and tips on how you can improve in the different areas.

Who are we?

This is a simple assessment which will take only 15 mins. We know your time is precious!
Don’t guess. If you really don’t know an answer to a question, simply select “I have no idea.
Disclaimer: No prizes. No Gold Stars. No pats on the back. We could probably give you a virtual high-5 though!